Thursday, April 7, 2011

The State of the Sprint Cup Season

The Sprint Cup season is in full swing. We're still at the beginning, but it's been exciting and at this point it's starting to become clear that there are a few people who seem like shoe-ins to make The 2011 Chase...

The above picture has become a familiar site in the past couple of weeks. After Kyle Busch's win at Bristol, the 18 dominated by leading the most laps at both Fontana and Martinsville before being passed by the 29. Kevin Harvick definitely seems to be living up to the nickname Mike Joy gave to him, "Mr. Where Did He Come From?".
Obviously, as a die hard Kyle Busch fan I was not happy to see Harvick beating him two weeks in a row, but it's been great racing and fun to watch. Harvick is currently the only Sprint Cup driver with two wins under his belt, and with the new emphasis on winning, he seems to be a great early bet for a top Chase contender (to no one's surprise). Hey, now that he's the points leader (with one win and two third place finishes to boast of for the season) Kyle's looking like a top Championship contender himself.
And hey, as long as someone beats the 48 this year, I'll be a pretty happy race fan.

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  1. It has been a good year so far! I mean, Junior is third in points!!! (After 'Dega) I know your not joining the Junior Nation anytime soon but as a NASCAR fan, you have to understand his draw and to have him win a few races and/or make the Chase would be HUGE for the sport.

    With two wins, I'll say it now, Harvick makes the Chase. It's not a bold prediction. The Chase spots 11 and 12 are first for the drivers with the most wins and NOT in the top ten in points. (or 11th and 12th in points if nobody in 11th-20th has a single win) I think 2 wins will be more than enough to get one of those two spots. A slightly more daring bet would to say he'll be in the top 10 in points for the Chase (and I promise you he will be)... but if he isn't, his 2 wins will get him to the playoffs.

    Your boy Kyle has to be concerned though. Look at Hamlin. Blown motors and terrible finishes. Kyle has to be worried for the day that crap creeps across the garage floor and infects his own team. (not soon enough in my humble opinion)