Monday, January 17, 2011

Daytona Fever!!!!!

So as the NFL playoffs wind down, and the country gets super psyched for the Super Bowl, I get super excited as well... because the Super Bowl means that the Daytona 500 is just a few weeks away! And let's be honest... the Daytona 500 is way better than the Super Bowl... it's faster and there is a much higher chance of something exploding (Carl Edwards's engine, please!).

If you're a serious race fan like me, these past two months with no NASCAR have been hard for you... sure, after the excitement of the end of the Chase (I was rooting for Hamlin, fyi) I needed a few weeks to decompress, but now it's just been forever since I've seen cars drive really fast. Now I'm just excited for a new season to start!
Will the Fox broadcast team have their shit together? Will they have a new cool song? Will Kyle Busch totally win?
It's really been too long... can't wait to hear DW say... "Let's go racing boys!"

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brian Williams Luvvvs NASCAR!

"Man, wherever cars are going too fast in a circle, I will be there."- Brian Williams

Now, I've always liked Brian Williams. He's great at reading the news, he's funny, he's a hottie, he's classy and he's got a great sense of humor about himself. I love it whenever he's on 30 Rock.
Well my roommate just informed me that Brian Williams, a cool New York dude, is a huge NASCAR fan. A google search later I found out this true. I am psyched! Score one for the race fans!