Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Pointz????

NASCAR recently announced that they would be changing the points system that is used to determine the Chase for the Sprint Cup (NASCAR's playoffs). NASCAR says that the changes simplify the points system and put more of an emphasis on winning. Basically, in the old system the top twelve in points made the Chase... now, the top ten in points make the Chase and the last two spots are taken up by the drivers that have won the most races in the regular season. I'll let the experts explain the new points:
The new points system -- which applies to all NASCAR national series -- will award points in one-point increments. As an example, in the Cup Series, race winners will earn 43 points, plus three bonus points for the victory. Winners also can earn an extra point for leading a lap and leading the most laps, bringing their total to a possible maximum of 48 points.
All other drivers in a finishing order will be separated by one-point increments. A second-place finisher will earn 42 points, a third-place driver 41 points, and so on. A last-place finisher -- 43rd place -- earns one point. In the Camping World Truck Series, the last-place finisher receives eight points, to account for that series' 36-driver race field.

But I know what you're all thinking... how do I feel about the new points system? Does it rule or suck?????
Honestly, I'm into it... for one main reason: I really have no idea what the old points system was.
I mean, I'm a pretty dedicated race fan, I read the NASCAR.com and the ESPN.com/racing/NASCAR and I follow all the "important" NASCAR twitter, but I honestly could not tell you how many points the winner got in the old system, and even though during a race I could totally throw around phrases like "Man, Carl Edwards really wants those bonus points in this race, that bastard" I had no idea how many bonus points you got for leading a lap... was it 5? I really don't know.

Well, the new system is pretty easy to understand, and I mean, some people are pissed... but isn't it pretty much the same thing, just with different numbers? I'm cool with it.
I'm not really sure how this new "wild card" system will impact things... I feel like there's a good chance that the drivers with the most wins would be in the top twelve anyway? But what do I know, I'm just a little indie race fan from New York.

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  1. I'm happy about the change. I've been a race fan for over 12 years and I still had no idea how the point system was set up, other than during the Chase. In fact, I remember the last race of the season, seeing a running tally of the points as the race went on, and it was fluctuating sometimes 1 or 2 points, sometimes as much as 75 or more. I think this change is what the sport needed to reach out to the common fan because, let's face it, I shouldn't need a calculator and difficult equations to know who is leading in the standings.